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For those interested; The Rose Theater opened on November of 2012. On August 23rd 2013 we were closed down for having incorrect wood for our stage, and concession stand. Our building is officially closed down. We thank everyone for their efforts in helping us come back to life.

There are plans to bring the stage back to life. How does one have a theater without a stage? Find a stage! There is so much to be said in the world... and actors are never truly gone. Let the world speak a thousand times through silent action or outrageous banter! Bring a stage they say, all the world is a stage and the world will live on! In due time... in due time! More to come...

If you want to get involved with our Not-For-Profit theatre company, please reach out to us. Email : Main@BBRProductions.com or call us @ 631.599.2263 we are always looking for volunteers.

Peace in truth, life in harmony...

Mission Statement; To be a place where those searching for a yes where others may say no. A stage awaiting to give a first time entertainer a chance to attempt possibility. Learning with others, exploring unfamiliar territory, and a world for all ages to make a step into their dreams and bring them to reality.


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"Thomas J Bellezza and his crew at the Rose Theater proved to be paramount to the success of my first theater production. It was not an easy show to produce and they helped us every step of the way. It was a great experience and could not have it without them"

- The Magic and Illusions of Alexo

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